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CRL Writers' Collective


The goal of the Writers’ Collective is to provide a supportive, interactive and interdisciplinary environment to support the creative writing of scholars associated with the Cobb Research Laboratory. It is the writing mission of the collective to provide scientifically valid, historically credible, and interesting books and materials to educate young children. Through storytelling, the Writers’ Collective will help elucidate the untold hardships and triumphs of enslaved and free Africans and African Americans in 17th and 18th century colonial New York and 19th and 20th century historic Washington, DC.


CRL Researcher Named 2017 Rhodes Scholar!

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DNA Day with the CRL


Thank you to all of those who volunteered to be apart of our new Genetic Databases!

We have been working on all 464 samples over the summer. We am happy to report that all of the data from your surveys have been coded and the Genomic studies (human and microbial) are underway. In September we will initiate some targeted sampling to fill in the gaps in our current collection. The goal is to develop two robust DNA databases, one for continental Africans and a second for African descended peoples of the African Diasporas.


CRL Director named Woman Researcher of the Year!

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