Gabrielle Davis

August 2017 - Present

Gabrielle Davis ( is currently a graduating Senior at Howard
University where she is receiving her B.S. in Biology. As an undergraduate researcher in the W.
Montague Research Lab, Gabrielle has worked closely with medical student, Nicholas Guthrie,
in identifying rib notches on de-fleshed African American remains that were collected between
1931 and 1965. They have looked closely at the possible correlation between rib notches and
cardiovascular health. Throughout her tenure at Howard University, Gabrielle has participated
in the PHAGES honors research program her freshmen year as well as conducted research in
Senegal during the summer of 2018 where she and her mentor sought to identify the
phytochemicals in tigernut and see if it could be used as an alternate food additive. In April
2016, she as well as two other colleagues successfully annotated an unknown region of
Drosophila ficusphila and are waiting for their results to be published in the next GEP peer-
reviewed article. In August 2016-May 2017, she has worked under the direction of Dr. Thomas
Mellman who is located in the Howard University Medical School. Her research consisted of
scoring sleep and identifying the correlation between sleep patterns of war veterans with PTSD
to individuals residing in urban neighborhoods. Upon her completion at Howard University,
Gabrielle is projected to take a gap year working as a medical scribe before attending medical

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