Assessment on the Resurgence of Rickets and Scoliosis on African Americans

Khristian Ifill 1,2

  1. W. Montague Cobb Research Laboratory, Howard University
  2. Department of Health, Human Performance and Leisure Studies, Howard University
The purpose of this study is to identify and comprehensively assess the effects of scoliosis and rickets on the African American community. Prior studies have shown that African Americans are at greater risk of being diagnosed with scoliosis and are more susceptible to rickets as well. This increased risk factor for African Americans stems from the decreased levels of vitamin D able to be synthesized by people of darker skin complexions. By using the laboratory materials in the Cobb Research Lab, I will examine and analyze subjects reported to have passed away from rickets and scoliosis. I will also use a multitude of various resources such as scientific evidence, medical journals and the reports made by the Cobb Research Lab to reform the biological history of specific groups of affected people. By analyzing these diseases in detail, I will in turn develop a better overall level of understanding of the historical causes and treatments of scoliosis and rickets and how they matriculated over time.

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