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This page shares information on how to get started researching with the CRL

Getting Started Materials

Click here for CITI instruction Sheet >

Click Here for Emergency Contact Form >

Click Here for Researcher Confidentiality Form >

**Please note, The Emergency Contact form should have your home address and the Researcher Confidentiality Form should have your Howard Address** 



  1. Complete Researcher Sign-up form (below)

  2. Complete Emergency Contact Form and email to Cobbresearchlab@gmail.com (Please Rename PDF as FIrstName_LastName_emergency.pdf)

  3. Complete Researcher Confidetiality Form and email to Cobbresearchlab@gmail.com (Please Rename PDF as FIrstName_LastName_confidentiality.pdf)

  4. Complete CITI training and email the certificate  to Cobbresearchlab@gmail.com (Please Rename PDF as FIrstName_LastName_CITI.pdf)

  5. Email resume to Cobbresearchlab@gmail.com (Please Rename to FIrstName_LastName_resume.pdf)

  6. Email Abstract (research interest)  to Cobbresearchlab@gmail.com. (This can be a sentence stating what you are interested in studying. We will be using this information to pair you with a respective mentor and group)

  7. Video for Bio-History Instructions (Video Link: http://ytcropper.com/cropped/MY582d31a0f2893 )


Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

Please complete this form to confirm your interest in researching with the CRL during the Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 school year. This will add you to our  researchers mailing list for communications with us.

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