Nicholas Guthrie

Clinical Science Coordinator


Nicholas Guthrie  ( is currently a Second-Year Medical Student at Howard University College of Medicine, who received his B.S. in Biology from Howard University. Hailing from from Silver Spring, Maryland, his research work includes; studies in bacterial viruses with PHAGES at Howard University, novel drug delivery systems using Zeolites at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa, and most recently enzymatic studies at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. He was a Louis Stokes Alliance Minority Program Scholar and is listed as a co-Author on ‘Whole genome comparison of a large collection of mycobacteriophages reveals a continuum of phage genetic diversity,’ published in eLife.  Nicholas served 2 years as a teaching assistant for the honors biology classes (PHAGES) and a research mentor for those undergraduate students. He also served as the webmaster on the staff of the CRL for the past 4 years, building and updating their site frequently. Furthermore, he is the producer of The Backbone, a scholarly journal published from the Cobb Lab twice each year. Outside of academia, he enjoys both theater production and the discus throw, currently a track and field coach for his Alma Mater at Georgetown Preparatory School in Bethesda, Maryland. 

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