Joining The CRL


For many years, The W. Montague Cobb Research Lab has had hundreds of talented scientists of varying levels of experience collaborate with us. We thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the team and another contributor in our rich history of exploring 400 years of African American History and Biology!

Below are 3 important documents for you to be aware of:

  1. A Welcome letter to give a brief overview of the lab
  2. An article on the Dr. Cobb, whose work and life informs much of the research we conduct.
  3. An article on "Next-Generation Research", which outlines how we approach an era of modern research here at the CRL.

Are you Joining the Team? Complete the form below!

This includes:

  1. Complete Emergency Contact Form (Please Rename PDF as FIrstName_LastName_emergency.pdf)

  2. Complete Researcher Confidentiality Form (Please Rename PDF as FIrstName_LastName_confidentiality.pdf)

  3. Complete CITI training   (Please Rename PDF as FIrstName_LastName_CITI.pdf)

  4. Attach a Resume/ CV  (Please Rename to FIrstName_LastName_resume.pdf)

  5. Give us your Research Interest This can be a few sentences stating what you are interested in studying.

  6. Complete the Survey questions in the "CRL onboarding form" Below