We had a picture perfect event! With awards, food, and great networking!


Excellence in Scholarship:


  • Dr. Latifa Jackson
  • Mr. Christopher Cross
  • Mr. Cameron Clarke
  • Ms. Jayla Harvey
  • Ms. Alexis Payne
  • Mr. Sierra Williams
  • Ms. Amanda Strong

Excellence in Professionalism:

  • Mr. Norman Francis
  • Ms. Andrea Clarke
  • Dr. John Harvey
  • Dr. David Mitchell
  • Dr. Jules Harrell
  • Dr. Muneer Abbas


Excellence in Service:

  • Mr. Nicholas Guthrie
  • Ms. Alexis Payne
  • Mr. Christopher Cross
  • Dr. Latifa Jackson

Certificates of Recognition to Advisory Board Members:

  • Dr. Clarence M. Lee
  • Dr. Georgia Dunston
  • Dr. Ivor Livingston
  • Dr. Greg Carr
  • Dr. Dana Williams
  • Dr. James Donaldson
  • Dr. Donna Grant-Mills
  • Dr. William Southerland
  • Dr. Clive Callender

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