Morinne Osborne

Morinne Osborne is a Biology major Spanish minor from Portland, Oregon and will be graduating in the spring of 2018.   During this past school year, Morinne participated in the SEA-PHAGES program where she studied bacteriophages and garnered lab experience as well as useful lab techniques.  She has presented her bacteriophage research that she conducted during her freshman year at Howard University’s Research Day, the SEA-PHAGES symposium at Howard Hughes Janelia research campus, and this coming November will be traveling to Seattle, WA to present at Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students.  During the summer of 2015, she went to Louisville, KY to attend the Summer Medical Dental Education Program that was held at the University of Louisville.  While in Louisville, she learned elevated biology as well as chemistry courses while shadowing doctors at various nearby hospitals.  In addition to working with the Cobb Lab, she serves as one of the Undergraduate Assistants for the PHAGES lab, which is sponsored by Howard Hughes Medical Institute.  In this lab, she works with freshman to study bacteriophages that have been isolated from various soil samples on Howard’s campus.  She was also part of the executive board for Meccathon, which is a dance marathon that raises money for Children’s National Hospital.  She serves as one of the Assistant Site Managers for an afterschool program sponsored by Jewels Incorporated, which is a mentoring organization that services girls in the DC area.  In addition to her other extracurricular activities, she also works at a nearby church to teach parishoners the fundamental concepts of Spanish. After graduation, Morinne hopes to obtain her MD and pursue a career in working for Doctors Without Borders as a plastic surgeon.


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