Sierra Williams

B.S Sports Medicine,
Post- Baccalaureate Research Assistant 

Sierra Williams recently graduated from Howard University with a Bachelors of Science in Sports Medicine with a minor in Psychology May 9, 2015.  After graduation, Sierra has been assisting with research projects in the lab and working in Washington, DC.  One of her ultimate goals consists of becoming a physician in the near. Some of her areas of interest are physical medicine and rehabilitation. Sierra plans to gain more clinical and research experience that will prepare her for matriculation into medical school. 

As a member of the Cobb Research Lab, Sierra has various roles and responsibilities. She has been able to work on different projects such as archiving documents and working with visiting researchers. Sierra is also a member of the publications committee.  Sierra has also carried the role as a peer mentor with the Cobb Research lab. She was able to provide insight and guidance as student volunteers explore the lives of the individuals that have come before us.  Most recently, Sierra has been assisting with extracting DNA from the Cobb Collection. All of the experiences that she has had thus far have contributed to an upcoming research project that she will have the opportunity to present and publish.

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