CRL Grows to 40 Active Members — A NEW HIGH!

By Nicholas Guthrie

This September, Nicholas Guthrie and the Cobb Lab team conducted a very successful round of recruiting to the CRL. After placing targeted flyers around campus, students and faculty responded to the call. In the Biology, Chemistry, and Physics buildings, flyers which targeted future STEM professionals garnered traction for the CRL’s research committees relating to Infectious Diseases, Chronic Diseases, Mental Disorders, Dentistry, and Genomics. In Locke and Douglass Halls, advertisements targeting writers and historians were so successful that the CRL created a brand new Social Science research committee. Flyers posted in Childers Hall peaked interest from fine art faculty and students to use the Cobb Collection as a subject for many different works across the department. After weeks of orientations, paperwork, and CITI certifications (a requirement for all CRL members), the core team at the lab grew from a dozen to over 40 researchers, spanning undergraduate, graduate and outside affiliates. The buzz around the CRL is high and we hope to see great outcomes from our new, larger research unit! ****


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