New Research Associates join CRL

Dr. Michael Campbell, Research Associate

Dr. Michael Campbell ( obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Anthropology at the University of Toronto and then earned a Master of Science degree in Human Biology at Oxford University. Dr. Campbell went on to obtain his PhD in Biological Anthropology at Columbia University in New York City and completed postdoctoral training at the University of Pennsylvania where he studied the evolution of genetic and phenotypic variation in diverse African populations. Dr. Campbell then applied his knowledge of African populations to study the genetic basis of ethnic disparities in cancer susceptibility in African Americans as research faculty in the Department of Biostatistics at Yale University. Dr. Campbell has recently joined the Department of Biology as an Assistant Professor at Howard University where he will continue his research on the genetics underlying health disparities and other complex traits in populations of African descent.  ****

Dr. Bradford Wilson, Research Associate

Dr. Bradford Wilson ( received his Ph.D., M.S., and B.S. from Howard University.  His doctoral dissertation research was on The Characterization of Variation in the Vitamin D Receptor Promoter and Association of Ancestral Haplotype with Prostate Cancer in African Americans.  He is interested in the genetics underlying the biology of health disparity conditions and diseases including common cancers (breast, and prostate), hypertension and its sequelae and pharmacogenomics.  Dr. Wilson is also a Senior Research Associate at the National Human Genome Center (NHGC) at Howard University where he is conducting his NIH-funded pharmacogenomics research.  Dr. Wilson has lectured on cancer genetics and modes of inheritance in the Graduate and Medical Schools at Howard University, respectively. ****

Ms. Sherese Taylor, Research Associate

Ms. Sherese Taylor (, a first year graduate student in sociology has joined the Cobb Research Lab team as a Research Associate. Ms. Taylor received her B.A. in Global studies with a concentration in culture, power, and place, and a focus in Latin American Studies at the University of Minnesota. She not only completed her degree, but also completed her certificate in International Development. With her degree, she was able to establish a program at the University of Minnesota that promoted and gave tools on cross cultural communication. Since then, She has been involved with many international communities, most notably Ecuador where she was able to investigate the lack of African- Ecuadorian teachers within predominately African regions.
Most recently, Ms. Taylor has been working on the sociological implications of artificial intelligence and robotics and has presented a paper entitled: “Shifting the Technological Gaze: African American Perspectives and Insight on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics”  at a national conference. Ms. Taylor was previously Administrative Assistant for the CRL before her administrative promotion to Biology. ****

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