Revitalized Website, Publications, and Workshops from the Cobb Research Lab

By Nicholas Guthrie

The CRL maintains an active, regularly updated website, CRL Website traffic since November 2014 has been notable. Over the past year our readership has grown 3 fold to an all-time audience size of 1568 unique users. We average 187 visits per month from 130 average users per month. Over 50% of our web traffic in October originates from a Google search, while over 25% of users are navigating directly to the site. The final 25% of traffic can be attributed to Social Media, comprising promotional email, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These numbers are typical for a month where the CRL News is released. Over the past year, the userbase for our website has originated from 72 countries with the largest hits coming from the USA, Thailand, UK, Netherlands, Canada, India, Kenya, and South Africa. This metric does not include automated hits, because our analytics platform screens for bots and crawlers.

We publish a quarterly newsletter, the Cobb Research Lab News with an international email and hardcopy distribution of over 2000. The email campaign statistics for the Fall 2015 CRL News were taken 10 days after delivery, giving a sample ranging from Oct 15 to Oct 26, 2015. The Fall 2015 CRL News was delivered to 1231 addresses, and has been opened by 22% of those inboxed, and the items inside the email were clicked by 4% of the total cohort sent. These stats are promising; as MailChimp's Industry averages for those in Education are a 14% open average and 2% click average.

We also publish a biannual online journal, The Backbone ( In our first issue (Spring 2015) of The Backbone, we published 8 articles and 11 abstracts from a national group of faculty and student authors. CRL has also developed mini-workshops on genetics, basic anatomy, scientific ethics, research methods, and basic statistics for student researchers. ***