CRL Research Assistants and Research Associates make broad use of the CRL facilities


Both training and research currently occur at the CRL. In terms of training (of professionals and students): In 2013,33 students and 2 faculty members and in 2014 87 students and 8 faculty members have used the CRL facilities. Faculty researchers working in collaboration with students have included Dr. Carlina De la Cova, Dr. Antonio De la Cova (University of South Carolina), Dr. Georgia Dunston (Howard University), Dr. Kathy Marshall (Howard University), Dr. Rachel Watkins (American University), Dr. Shomarka Keita (American University), Dr. Joseph Jones (William and Mary University), and Dr. John Harvey (Meharry Medical). Collaborative faculty-student presentations have included 19 presentations on such diverse research topics as: 

  • Mental Health Phenotypes and their underlying Genetics in African Americans using an in silico approach. (C. Cross et al.)
  • Prevalence and anatomical evidence of Treponema Infection in the Cobb Collection. (N. Guthrie)
  • Research Priorities and Direction for the Cobb Research Laboratory.(F. Jackson)
  • Arthritis in the Cobb Collection. (R. Bruce)  Autism in the Cobb Collection. (J. Harvey)  Effects of Different Environmental Storage Conditions on aDNA Degradation: Implications for aDNA extraction from the Cobb Collection. (J. Heard et al.)
  • mtDNA variation in African Americans across four centuries. (B. Johnson)
  • Osteological Markers of Advanced Pulmonary Tuberculosis in the Cobb Collection. (A. Libutsi)
  • Comparative lower limb anatomy in the Cobb collection among contemporary age and sex-matched individuals. (E. Mayes and A. Pryce)
  • Hypertension genotypes in an historic African American population: Comparisons with contemporary hypertension genomics. (B. Wilson and L. Jackson).

The current cohort of CRL research assistants and research associates are actively engaged in preparing abstracts, oral, and poster presentations for the upcoming Howard University Research Week 2016. As they become available, we will publish them online and in the CRL News.***