Mr. Norman Francis Donates Original Dr. W. Montague Cobb Reprints to Dr. Jackson and the CRL

The CRL recently acquired valuable original reprints   or publications from Dr. W. Montague Cobb through Mr. Norman Francis (pictured right with Dr. Jackson) who had been a student of Dr. Lafayette Frederick, a close associate of Dr. Cobb. These documents represent over 100 pages on the “physical anthropology of the Negro”, several book reviews including one book by the distinguished cell biologist and founder of epigenetics, Dr. E. E. Just. The collection included a major article published in the Journal of Negro Education that discusses the importance of establishing physical (biological) anthropology at Howard University.   These reprints have been scanned and the originals will become part of our archives stored in the CRL while the electronic copies will be broadly distributed to our Research Associate, Research Assistants, and Advisory Board members. Dr. Cobb’s insights and vision for the Cobb Research Laboratory are a foundation for our ongoing efforts at the lab. Thank you Mr. Francis! ***