DNA extracted from Cobb Collection individual for first time!

By Christopher Cross


This summer has been paramount with promising results. Using the dental cementum (see article on page two), we have performed successful extraction of DNA from the Cobb Collection! This accomplishment cannot be understated as it has strong potential to lead to ground breaking discoveries. The experimental design was developed by Dr. Latifa Jackson, (NHGC Post-Doc and CRL affiliate) and implemented collaboratively by Christopher Cross (CRL Assistant Curator), and Dr. Muneer Abbas (NHGC). Three different assays were conducted and all yielded detectable amounts DNA (via NanoDrop). We are in the process of optimizing our technique in order to stream line our efforts. This was such a collaborative achievement and we are so thankful to Dr. Dunston (Founding Director of NHGC and CRL Advisory Board member), Dr. Latifa Jackson, and Dr. Muneer Abbas for lending their facility and expertise in this pioneering endeavor.

Pictured: Dr. Latifa Jackson and Mr.  Christopher Cross extract DNA from a the teeth of an individual of the Cobb Collection who died 85 years ago. Mr. Nicholas Guthrie and Dr. Brad Wilson are in the background.