CRL Director, Fatimah Jackson Named STEM Woman Researcher of the Year

On April 14th, Dr. Fatimah L.C. Jackson, (pictured at left) , Profes-sor of Biology and Director of the W. Montague Cobb Research Labor-atory was named Researcher of the Year for 2017 by HU-ADVANCE-IT at the 2017 Women in STEM Re-searcher of the Year Award Cere-mony. This honor is in recognition of the leadership, productivity, and research competence Dr. Jackson has exhibited since coming to How-ard University in 2013. Dr. Jackson’s efforts at Howard University build on an established and well-regarded career at the UMD-College Park and at UNC-Chapel Hill. However, since coming to Howard University, she has been able to amplify her research publications, bring in more external grant monies, and form important international collaborations that have greatly assisted in improving the quality and quantity of research and ser-vice done at the Cobb Research Laboratory

In addition to her prolific re-search and publication records, Dr. Jackson regularly mentors each year over 160 undergradu-ates and works intensely with 8 doctoral candidates as their pri-mary advisor. She also works with several post-doctoral fellows and has recently begun to provide research mentoring for profes-sional students.

We congratulate Dr. Jackson on this well-deserved award and we look forward to her continued exemplary productivity as a source of longstanding inspiration and merit. ****

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