Coding of DNA Collection Surveys Completed

Over the summer, Master’s student Taiye Winful (UNC-Charlotte) (pictured below) led a Howard University team that completed the coding of all of the 464 surveys collected during our recent DNA Collection event. The purpose of this initial coding was to lay a foundation for the development of two databases: 1. a Continental African Genomic Database (CAGD) and 2. an African Diasporic Genomic Database (ADGD). She and her team have now begun a descriptive analysis of the surveys that will address the following questions: 1) How many individuals were in each database location (CAGD vs ADGD)? 2) What were the proportions of Howard University community members sampled? 3) What were the gender distributions in each database? 4) What was the place of birth of participants? What geographical areas are not yet represented? 5) What are the nationalities and ethnicities of participants? 6) What is the average age of participants and the range in ages? 7) What is the current residential state of participants? Which states are missing in our distribution?
These descriptive results will be incorporated into Taiye’s Master’s thesis and provide a rationale for subsequent targeted sampling in the fall and winter to augment the developing databases. Taiye hopes to come to Howard University for graduate studies for her Ph.D. in biology in 2018****

Cobb Lab