CRL provides summer research support for the Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP)

Over the past few years, the CRL has collaborated with the SMDEP, now SHPEP, program to introduce pre-health professional college students to research in a major way. This year, 46 SHPEP scholars elected to participate in our research program with the Cobb Collection. This began with a tour of the CRL and an assignment to a specific Cobb Collection individual (CCI) on whom they would complete a biohistory. This biohistory is a deep dive into the demographics, life, death, and cause of death of the CCI. Using a myriad of resources, the SHPEP students worked in pairs to reconstruct the story of one of their first patients. In addition, they had a guided look at the skeletal remains of their CCI, looking for anatomical markers of their pathology and lifestyles, led by Christopher Cross, Gretchen Johnson. At the end of their 4 -week experience with the CRL, each of the scholars received a certificate of meritorious research at the SHPEP closing ceremony. We plan to publish the best of these research reports in our annual scientific journal, The Backbone. ****

Cobb Lab