Members of the CRL Meet for an End-of-the-Year Dinner at Busboys & Poets

On the evening of August 27th, 2017, 13 members of the CRL gathered at the Busboys & Poets restaurant on 5th and K St NW DC for a celebratory dinner. They had worked hard the past academic year and throughout the summer and had accomplished a great deal. This dinner was a “thank-you present” from the CRL Director. Along with Dr. Fatimah Jackson, present were post-docs Dr. Latifa Jackson (NIH and HU College of Medicine) and Dr. Brad Wilson (HU College of Medicine), and Howard University graduate students Esohe Irabor, Gretchen Johnson and Carter Clinton. Also in attendance were HU medical students Nicholas Guthrie and Shihyun Kim, post-baccalaureates Rita Okolo, Cameron Clarke, and Mariam Mohammed and HU undergraduates Adetomiwa Victor Owoseni and Obinna Asawabelem.

The party sat at a long table in the restaurant, and ordered everything from vegetarian dishes to steak. CRL members who had not previously met used this opportunity to do so. Those who had travelled shared details about their journeys:While some had gone overseas to Africa, Asia and Europe, others had crossed the country for conferences or workshops in Texas, New York, and California. For many of the CRL members, this was the first meeting that they had ever had with so many other lab members outside the academic setting. They enthusiastically talked about their hobbies and experiences, and lit up when they found similarities amongst themselves. For over an hour, CRL members laughed over food, shared their sentiments about the past academic year, and their hopes for the next one. At the end of the night, CRL members took a group picture and disbanded, wishing each other success in their future endeavors.****

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