Two CRL researchers present at Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution (SMBE) Conference in July 2017

In July, doctoral students, Gretchen Johnson and Njlaa Bakhsh (pictured on left) attended the Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution (SMBE) Conference in Austin, Texas. Gretchen presented her research entitled “Reconstruction of early population history of Africans in the Americas through St. Helena Island (South Atlantic) and New York City” and Njlaa presented her research entitled “The Missing landscape of human genomic diversity in the Arabian Peninsula.” Both poster presentations were well received. Gretchen and Njlaa enjoyed visiting interesting sessions and talks that ranged from ancient DNA studies, epigenetics, molecular innovation, evolutionary genomics, human genetics and gene regulation. Also, both were able to connect with collaborators from the University of Copenhagen and network with other researchers and attendees at the conference. Overall, it was a great, enriching experience.***

Cobb Lab