For many years, The W. Montague Cobb Research Lab and Howard University branch of the Student Health Professions Enrichment Program (formerly SMDEP) have collaborated in this summer program. Over this successful partnership, SHPEP involvement at the CRL has introduced hundreds of future medical professionals to their initial forays into research, imparting on them the knowledge of the scientific method. This realization of the importance of basic science research has impacted the careers of these young professionals, and made the more rounded individuals as they apply to their future professional schools.

In the recent past, SHPEP students have written and published dozens of Biohistories on individuals of the Cobb Collection (CCI's). This fruitful projects has provided insights on the lives of these CCI's, in addition to providing publishing opportunities to the students at an early point in their already nascent careers. Visit our Backbone pages to see examples of published work!

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