Amanda Strong

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Ms. Amanda D. Strong ( received her Bachelor of Science in biology from Howard University in 2015. Her research in the W. Montague Cobb Laboratory sought to expose the connection of genetic and socio-economic factors, over time, to chronic kidney disease in the U.S. African-American community by analyzing osteological manifestations. As an international student researcher and biologist she has broadened her research efforts into tropical disease and global health. Amanda has participated in research on Chaga’s disease and the rise of diabetes in Ecuador and Peru via Ohio University and the Tropical Disease Institute (TDI). Most recently, her research has aided in the discovery of sustainable resources for basic hygiene, using natural plant alternatives, for indigenous and rural communities in the countries of Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua via Duke University and Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS). 

Currently, Amanda is preparing to apply for MD-PhD programs involving neuroscience or cell biology this upcoming 2016 summer. In the future, she would like to specialize in pediatrics and then sub-specialize further. Amanda is in the hopes of opening her own pediatric practice and cafe in an underserved U.S. city, where she will encourage the use of preventative, natural medicine that is affordable; she would also like to achieve owning a pediatric practice overseas, perhaps in rural Latin America to promote preventative health using traditional ecological knowledge (TEK). “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” -Benjamin Franklin

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